Leading the way The Network Club has become a leading organization for business networking, business connections, and practical marketing knowledge. Executives ranging from CEO’s and managers of major corporations to small business owners are members and participate in its events. The Network Club is an essential platform for entrepreneurs and business people to make contacts and to do profitable business by networking.

What can you expect

The four quarterly events are held at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel served with a warm and cold buffet, desserts and a selection of different beverages. The events start at 5pm and end at 9pm.
Ruf’s dress code is for you to dress as comfortably as you want.

The Network Club provides a service that professionals are looking for. It’s a platform for bringing businesses closer together and helping nurture meaningful business relationships.  This is done by linking the common interests of its members.

The Network Club is a business club dedicated to facilitating business by providing a platform for members to establish, strengthen, and utilize personal business relationships. The membership consists of a wide variety of members representing companies, entrepreneurs, government officials, NGOs, students  and people looking for another opportunity in their lives.  All vertical markets are involved with The Network Club for a specific common interest – networking.

All events are free for all members of The Network Club.

Tickets will become available online 30 days prior to the event. So keep an eye on this page and our newsletters regularly to stay tuned.