The Network Club


Leading the way

The Network Club has become a leading organization for business networking, business connections, and practical marketing knowledge. Executives ranging from CEO’s and managers of major corporations to small business owners are members and participate in its events.

The Network Club is an essential platform for entrepreneurs and business people to make contacts and to do profitable business by networking.

Online platform

The online platform aids members in networking more efficiently. The tools provided by the online environment are powerful and make the power of The NetworKing available to members across the globe. Members can maintain their own profile, register for events, look for business opportunities, create business opportunities, interact with other members, make global requests to the network, find business partners, promote their own company or services and keep up-to-date on the latest market activities. Because networking should be fun, members are awarded for actively using the online platform. Rewards from our loyalty program vary from airline tickets to hotel rooms to even free memberships — just to say thanks for efficiently networking using the online platform.


There are global business events throughout the markets. One thing is for sure – The Network Club website helps you quickly network with other business-minded people, and at The Network Club networking events, there is a very high level of energy and enthusiasm that creates opportunities not found through other avenues. Each event is essentially a platform to move obstacles to creating business. This is done in a first-class conference facility where food and drinks are provided. The events are a platform for companies to strengthen their personal business relationships, to reinforce or reposition its core business message, to differentiate its products from its competitors, and to promote itself as providing a particular lifestyle that is attractive to the members of the club. An average of 150 business-minded people attend each event.

The Network Club Upcoming Events

The Network Club Event – Amsterdam Marriott Hotel – June 23, 2017
The Network Club Event – Amsterdam Marriott Hotel – September 14, 2017
The Network Club Event – Amsterdam Marriott Hotel – December 14, 2017

The Network Club event prices for members
One or Two Year Memberships: Free, plus your guest free per event
Free Member: €25.00 per person, per event