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The NetworKing brings YOU and YOUR business together with other Networks while helping YOU nurture profitable and meaningful business relationships.

  • If you are either an Individual, Entrepreneur, Small Medium Size Company, a Corporation, Government, Institution or Non-Profit organization we can provide you with all the necessary tools to improve your NetworKing skills and capabilities to increase your in-depth knowledge toward effectively Network Your Way to Success.
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Please prepare yourself for our next The Network Club Event at the Marriott in Amsterdam. It promises to be exciting!!

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Why choose us to Network?

"NetworKing is not WHO you know, but WHO knows YOU!"

Why Wait?

Let's start NetworKing right now!

We are truly a Professional NetworKing organization

We believe that NetworKing is for everybody!

We effectively work with a very diverse global market of Entrepreneurs, Corporations, Governmental Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations plus many more to achieve success by NetworKing

We have teamed up with a few prominent individuals as listed below to help make a difference in the global market

Our focus is based on the fact that everyone is born with a powerful Network and it is our mission to educate, motivate and inspire individuals at all levels of society to realize that NetworKing is based on building trust and earning respect while giving back to their Networks.

For individuals, entrepreneurs, companies and organizations we are a very reliable and valuable resource for the tools, knowledge and development you need to start, grow and maintain your network in a very efficient way.

Actually with all the know-how and experience we gathered over the past 40 years in and out of business we are prepared to pass on and empower you to the fact that NetworKing is not just for the rich and famous people. We make available to you the knowledge of NetworKing right now!

    Have your entire company or sales force pick up valuable networking skills, tips and tricks by inviting The NetworKing to your business meetings, company events or team building sessions.

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      • - True reflection on networking in Action.

      • - Enlightening others toward networking.

      • - Sharing the power of networking.

      • - Empowering others to network.

      • - Energizing your network.
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            Get professional network training from The NetworKing! Learn how to effectively energize your network. Courses include building, maintaining, leading, negotiating, motivating and communicating with your network.

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              • - A professional networking training program.

              • - Issues that keep you focused on business.

              • - Courses that focus on purely networking.

              • - Subjects that help you turn a profit.

              • - A Process toward effective networking.
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                    The publications by The NetworKing give the reader an insight in the dynamics of networking. Learn to use the NetworKing Ruffle Shuffle card game and be motivated by NetworKing books.

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                      • - A journey in the evolution of networking.

                      • - Learning to give back to your network.

                      • - Expanding your networking horizon.

                      • - Exploring networking possibilities.

                      • - Educating your network.
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                            The NetworKing host several special events throughout the year. These events are an excellent opportunity for clients and NetworKing partners and their members to experience high profile events first hand.

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                              • - A first-hand experience of high profile events.

                              • - The opportunity to nurture your networking.

                              • - Giving back to your network.

                              • - Bonding with your network.

                              • - Building your network.
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                                    The Network Club is a business club dedicated to facilitating business by providing its members and partners with a platform to establish, strengthen, and utilize personal business relationships.

                                      Click to learn more about The Network Club

                                      • - A very profitable global and local business club.

                                      • - A quality group of business minded people.

                                      • - An advanced online networking platform.

                                      • - Events across the market.

                                      • - A 24-7 network.
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                                            The personalized network services of The NetworKing will help you find, Business partners, Investors, Leads and Business opportunities.

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                                              • - A personal connections to special individuals.

                                              • - Building your network on trust and respect.

                                              • - Experience the true power of networking.

                                              • - Reaping the benefits of networking.

                                              • - Tapping into others network.
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                                                    The NetworKing Academy’s target audience is the professional, who wants to improve his other networking skills by directly gaining experience and achieving results.

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                                                      • - A two month intense networking program.

                                                      • - A method to enhance your networking skills.

                                                      • - Developing your personal capabilities to network.

                                                      • - Expanding your network with others business minded people.

                                                      • - Participating in NetworKing in Action sessions.
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                                                          If you really want to make things happen in your life or business you need to take the first steps toward reaching for your success.

                                                          And you know what...? We can provide you with all the necessary tools and needed information to develop your NetworKing skills while enhancing your capabilities to increase business, so let us start right now!

                                                          Is there a quick and easy way...?

                                                          YES, just become part of The NetworKing platform by:

                                                          • Subscribing to our Newsletter (It's FREE!)
                                                          • Joining The NetworKing Platform as a member
                                                          • Or becoming a Partner of The NetworKing Platform
                                                          • Registering for The Network Club events

                                                          You want to read and learn all about NetworKing?

                                                          Then please buy one of my books:


                                                          Watch the video below and see what Stedman Graham says about my NEW book "Your Wake-Up Call".

                                                          Read on to see what more we can do for you. We have Tips and a Quick Guide to Step into Networking.

                                                          Latest NetworKing News

                                                          “You can influence others by talking about what they want and showing them how to get it. That’s leadership.”

                                                          Latest Video

                                                          “Outings are an untapped reservoir of unlimited resources.”

                                                          The Network Club (Theo Terdu, David Savage & Stefanie Tseggai) Adam Marriott

                                                          Social Awareness

                                                          • Giving Back Foundation

                                                            ''Giving Back'' is a non-profit Foundation committed toward bringing critical resources to the youth that need them. The Giving Back Foundation helps high school students of who’s career perspective are not on the same level as their talent and ambition due to their backgrounds. Giving Back offers, mostly immigrant, boys and girls a group and mentor program so that they can broaden their knowledge and experience.

                                                            The Giving Back Foundation was started by Charles D.A. Ruffolo in 1999 and is still enriching the lives of thousands.

                                                          • Laureus Nederland, Sport for Good Foundation

                                                            Under the leadership of Prince Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje and together with the three ambassadors; Esther Vergeer, Yvonne van Gennip, Pieter van den Hoogenband, Edwin van der Sar and Teun de Nooijer, the Laureus Foundation the Netherlands has begun its Sport for Good work by initiating support for several projects throughout The Netherlands.

                                                            "Using the power of sport as a tool for social change"

                                                          Tips to get started effectively NetworKing

                                                          “NetworKing is a way of life. Make connections and build relationships everywhere you go.”

                                                          Individuals & Entrepreneurs

                                                          Often you only get one chance to have the opportunity to show case yourself to the person (who works for a company) you really want to meet and have in your network.

                                                          Thinking about this opportunity you must surely agree, that a proper preparation is key toward effective NetworKing.

                                                          This approach starts with a few simple steps:

                                                          Small Medium Size Companies

                                                          Even if you are totally prepared for NetworKing as an Individual or Entrepreneur, you still might wonder how to get more business.

                                                          Remember getting business from exiting companies in your network is different then from companies not yet in your Network.

                                                          These approaches are much different, but using these steps could be useful:

                                                          Corporations & Institutions

                                                          Even if you have mastered NetworKing both as an Individual/Entrepreneur and with Small Medium Size Companies tackling the Corporate World or Large Institutions could be cumbersome.

                                                          These Stock Exchange Companies or Institutions are obligated to their Shareholders and Board. . . so you have to understand and respect their guidelines.

                                                          Let me give you some advice on how to swim in these waters:

                                                          So What to do Next?

                                                          “The cardinal rule of networking is giving back. Without it, there is no relationship and therefore no network.”

                                                          Invest time in a good Strategy!

                                                          After reading the above information you probably want to take the next move.

                                                          Follow these 3 STEPS and take the advantage on your competitors.

                                                          We are more than willing to guide you through the different steps of your Networking experience but remember:

                                                          “No matter what your age, your status or your particular desires, you can make NetworKing an integral part of your everyday life – a life that will never be the same thereafter.”

                                                          STEP 1: Start

                                                          Sit down and establish your goals or objectives

                                                          Start writing down your idea/plan on how to reach these goals and objectives.

                                                          Invest time in thinking who/how to energize your Network to reach your goals or objectives.

                                                          Be very creative and think out of the box

                                                          Determine what success is for you and don't let someone else dictate your success

                                                          STEP 2: Action

                                                          Make your business cards and web site

                                                          Ask others you already know in your Network to help you open doors

                                                          Call and set-up appointments with people already in your Network

                                                          Get out of the office and hit the street, make appointments, attend events etc . . .

                                                          STEP 3: Evaluate

                                                          After several months step back and honestly look at your results . . . be realistic

                                                          Ask yourself, what did I learn? Who really wanted to help or support me?

                                                          Make the necessary changes to your approach and methods if needed

                                                          Never give up hope and faith in yourself, but listen to your gut feelings

                                                          The NetworKing brings businesses closer together and helps nurture profitable and meaningful business relationships.

                                                          If you are either an Individual, a Small Size Company, part of a Large Enterprise or Governmental Organisation, we can provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need.

                                                          What others say about The NetworKing

                                                          “There’s probably no greater compliment that one person can pay to another than the simple act of remembering something about that other person.”

                                                          Life's NetworKing Experiences

                                                          During my entire life as you, I have been NetworKing . . . from the moment we were born our network was in place and from there it only continues to grow based on your values and norms.

                                                          I have learned and developed NetworKing into a proven science. . . a science that you also possess.

                                                          As you I have come across a lot of people, thousands of people that have expressed support of me and my business . . . here are some of them who I asked for quotes about The NetworKing

                                                          • Charles walked into my business class with an amazing amount of confidence for a sophomore in high school. I knew immediately that he would add the spark, sense of humor, and talent that every teacher hopes for in a student. He definitely did not disappoint me! I especially enjoyed watching him interact with all of the class and even when he was making us laugh, I could see the respect he established with his classmates. I am so very proud to see all that he has accomplished and has still remained sincere and humble.
                                                            Joyce Garritano - Business Education Teacher Norwin Senior High School
                                                          • I remember, walking with my best friend, and talking about the title for his new book It was for sure, the book should be about taking your own responsibility, values and norms in life and about giving back to your network. Giving back to other people you do not know yet, and giving others a hand when they need it. Ruf is a great example of someone who is not waiting for things to happen in life, but taking his own responsibility to make things happen. So when life seems hard and difficult... Take your res-ponsibility, get into action, show love and respect, as This is YOUR “Wake-Up Call”!
                                                            Martijn de Looze - Area Manager ICI PARIS XL Netherlands at A.S. Wat-son Luxury, Perfumeries & Cosmetics
                                                          • Charles Ruffolo is a man with a unique outlook on the business world based on a lifetime of both success and failure. He illustrates the tough decisions that are needed to “win the battle we call life.
                                                            General Wesley K. Clark (ret) – Former NATO's Supreme Allied Com-mander, Europe & CEO of Wesley K. Clark & Associates
                                                          • “Your Wake-Up Call” is an inspiring book by an inspiring person. Since the day I met Ruf my life changed. His vision, his passion and commitment to live and people is a true inspiration. Never give up when you're challenged and never lose faith. And above all never lose faith in yourself. Thank you Ruf for being my “Wake-Up Call” all these years.
                                                            Fatima Elatik - District Mayor of Amsterdam East & Ambassador of Giving Back Foundation
                                                          • What a privilege to experience up close the overwhelmingly inspirational life of my dear friend Charles Ruffolo, now available for everyone with this book. His gift is bringing a little bit of heaven into people’s lives, which is truly supernatural while keeping' it real whether times are good or bad.
                                                            Patrick America - Diamond Trader & Social Investor

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