About Us

The NetworKing is a professional global network organization established in 1991.

“The NetworKing brings businesses closer together and helps nurture profitable and meaningful business relationships. Developed on a proven and successful network platform, it provides clients and members with all the tools needed to effectively build, maintain and energize their network…”

Founder: Charles D.A. Ruffolo


Our vision is to empower people to what they already have – a network.  To be an effective global network of business minded professionals networking together to create and seize profitable business opportunities.  To educate the essentials of networking, that everyone is born with a powerful network and through life their network grows based on a value and norm system that earns respect and is based the spirit of Giving Back.


Our mission is to help people achieving business goals as well as personal goals in life by using their own network effectively. The NetworKing stands out in the human way of doing business as we believe in mutual benefit – a principle we call ‘giving’. We will continuously look for inspiring ways to create new opportunities and generate money together with our network. We also devote ourselves to striving for the success of the projects and good causes we support and initiate.


Our goals are simple, we want to enhance your ability to effectively network while increasing your capabilities to energize your network to reach success.  To enlighten you to the fact that everyone is born with a powerful Network that was given to them by their parents.  A network that was established on trust while earning respect based on one’s action in their network.  To spark a daily sense of self motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration that stays in your networking life.


More about us

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